Kanye West Shares 'Father Stretch My Hands' Lyrics From 'The Life of Pablo'

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Remember the classic Kanye West track "Hey Mama" from Late Registration? Well it looks like Kanye has now created a song for his dad called "Father Stretch My Hands" that happens to be on the final tracklist for The Life of Pablo.

It's the release day for the coveted The Life of Pablo album and Yeezy Season 3 if you're into Kanye's clothing line. Hours before his big show at Madison Square Garden, Kanye took to Twitter and shared some of the lyrics from "Father Stretch My Hands," a track Kanye says he cried while writing.

The lyrics are pretty emotional and reference the car crash that left him with a fractured jaw.

Fans who couldn't make it to Kanye's Madison Square Garden show are in for a treat. Yeezy will be livestreaming the event on Tidal at 4PM so you will be able to hear the new album before it's released to the general public.

The event is expected to be a pretty high profiled one given Kanye's friends in music, fashion and the Hollywood scene itself.

At this point, no one really knows what to expect from Kanye or the album and if you happened to be a fan of the track "No More Parties In LA," it doesn't look like it made the cut for the final tracklist.

Are you excited for The Life of Pablo and "Father Stretch My Hands"? You can check out the full, final tracklist for The Life of Pablo below.