Maggie Rogers Releases A Mastered Version of 'Alaska'

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Thankfully Maggie Rogers has released a mastered version of her song "Alaska" and it's already got over 294,000 views in just two days.

Maggie Roger's name started circulating on the internet after she impressed Pharrell with her rough version of "Alaska." In the video, she revealed that the song still needed some additional mixing and mastering but that didn't stop it from completely wowing Pharrell who had zero critics for the budding artist.

The mastered version of "Alaska" is everything we wanted to hear after first hearing the infectious track from Rogers.

Fans are already flocking to Rogers' Soundcloud page to listen to the track. Rogers deleted all of her previous content from the page and looks to be starting fresh.

Rogers' previous content leaned more towards the folky nature of her sound, however, with "Alaska" she is combining her folk roots fused with the EDM sound she says she had a spiritual experience with while overseas.

You can check out Maggie Rogers' mastered version of "Alaska" below.

Listen/Stream Maggie Rogers "Alaska" (Mastered Version)