Majid Jordan Releases 'King City' Single

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The OVO crew is really looking to make it another big year starting with Majid Jordan. The duo released a new single titled, "King City," off the upcoming self-titled debut album.

The smooth cruising sound of "King City" puts the listener in a drivers seat as they take a night cruise around the city.

The bold vocals paired with an 80's styled production with a twist of the new age style makes for a pretty big hit in "King City." The track is the third single for Majid Jordan who has really been grabbing the attention of fans.

The duo gives OVO a bit more diversity in the music they put out and helps them enter a whole new genre.

The group continues to tease the album via social media to get fans excited for the release and it's possible that there could be one more single on the way before the actual release of the project.

The Majid Jordan debut album is set to release on February 5 and will feature the other two recently released singles, "My Love" featuring Drake and "Something About You." Empty Lighthouse will have a review of the Majid Jordan project upon its release, in the meantime, check out "King City" below and let us know what you think about the track in the comments section.

Listen to Majid Jordan's "King City" below.

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