Vince Staples Releases 'Blue Suede' Off His Upcoming Album 'Hell Can Wait'

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Vince Staples breaks away from the collaborations to shine on a track of his own with the release of "Blue Suede."

"Blue Suede," is a heavy track that will rattle the trunks of vehicles all over. The verses are just as hard hitting as the beat and it seems to take its origin from Air Jordans with blue suede on them according to some of Staple's lyrics.

According to, the track serves as the first single off his upcoming album, "Hell Can Wait," which is due out in September and follows up Vince's latest release, "Made" featuring Bad Rabbits.

Staples was last heard on a "Kingdom," a track fresh off of Common's album, "Nobody's Smiling."

Head over to to listen to the track.