Howard Stern Interviews Rosie O'Donnell -- And She Makes A Shocking Allegation

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Today on The Howard Stern Show, Rosie O'Donnell appeared to discuss her new project SMILF, and there were plenty of shockers.

Here are some of the most interesting things that Rosie revealed in the interview.

Rosie Used to Steal Jerry Seinfeld's Act

Rosie O'Donnell revealed to Howard Stern that she used to steal her act from Jerry Seinfeld. When she first got started in comedy, she did very well; but on her second try, she bombed.

As a result, she decided to try a different route: stealing Jerry Seinfeld's material.

She used Seinfeld's material and managed to do really well. Now she says, if singers can sing other people's songs, why can't comedians use other people's material...

Rosie Reveals All About Her Feud With Trump

Rosie revealed all to Howard Stern about her feud with Donald Trump.

She said that the feud started when she was on The View, and Trump had attacked a young woman.

Rosie recited a bunch of facts about Trump's bankruptcies and business failures -- that's what set him off. In response, Trump went on a bunch of TV shows attacking Rosie.

When Donald Trump won, Rosie was starting filming for her new show. She said that a woman came up to her and started yelling at her.

But Rosie is now confident that Trump will not make it through his presidency. She also said she'd be happy to have sex with Bob Muller if it would help the investigation?!?!

Separately, Rosie discussed the Vegas shooting, which she says may have been a government conspiracy, and 9/11, which she insists was a controlled demolition. Howard, of course, didn't agree.

Did Rosie Try To Replace Kathy Lee?

There were rumors that Rosie wanted to replace Kathy Lee. She admits that she did, and that she really liked Regis. But the timing wasn't right.

Rosie said that she owes a lot of the success of her own talk show to the timing and the fact that there were a lot of negative things on TV. Rosie said she took Merv Griffin's formula, and now Ellen is using the same formula. But Rosie said she didn't have the "emotional and psychological" fortitude to continue the show.

Rosie on Sexual Harassment/Assault in Hollywood

Rosie explained that she knew about Harvey Weinstein's casting couch and how many women he slept with, but she didn't know he was having unconsentual relationships.

She knows women who slept with him. She said that the truth is that there are a lot of women who slept with Weinstein....

And then Rosie brought up Gweneth Paltrow. She suggested (what is a common rumor) that Paltrow willingly slept with Weinstein for parts. Rosie added that Weinstein called her (Rosie) a "f---n c--t" and other names.

Rosie also said she knew Kevin Spacey was extremely inappropriate, but she didn't know that he would allegedly assault kids. She also said that women have written to her about being harassed by Jeremy Piven.

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