The Game Gives Fans A Chance To Design The Album Cover For 'Year of The Wolf'

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After announcing that his album will be dropping on September 30th, The Game has also given fans a chance to design the album cover for "Year Of The Wolf."

The Game made the announcement via Instagram and Twitter and has been posting a few of his favorites. The competition looks pretty intense as much of the artwork shows immense talent and the top 10 finalists will be announced early next week according to The Game.

He remains to be hard at work on the upcoming album as he has posted a few pictures that suggest he is spending quite the bit of time in the studio.

There is even a pic of the hip-hop star getting a haircut in the studio with the caption "Ain't leaving the studio til #YearOfTheWolf done so everything gotta come to me !!! #BloodMoney #LaFamilia."

Check out some of the album artwork entries along with The game in the studio below.

Photo courtesy of Eva Rinaldi.