M.I.A. Releases Her New track 'Borders'

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When her hit song "Paper Planes" pretty much got featured in everything you could think off, M.I.A. was riding a huge wave of success.

Fans finally receive a new track from M.I.A. titled, "Borders" and it has got the sound of another hit in the making.

(Audio Below)

"Borders" finds M.I.A. questioning everything that is going on in the world from pop culture to the wars that are being waged all over. It features mystical yet hard hitting production and her unique way of delivery lyrics.

It sounds like a dance track but definitely has some political and social views as she warns us no to become out smartphones.

It does seem like M.I.A. was struggling a bit when it comes to her new album.

"The world I talked about ten years ago is still the same. that's why it's hard for me to say it again on a newLP. can u just play the old1," said M.I.A. in a tweet earlier this week.

While she is still grappling with a world where peace is rocked by recent horrific acts of terror, it looks like she does intend on addressing the issues once again on her upcoming LP "Matahdatah" in the meantime she has present fans with "Borders" to get their minds set for the album.

Listen to "Borders" below.