Juliette Jules A Young Voice To Watch In 2014

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Sixteen year-old Juliette Jules, an up and coming singer/songwriter, has a talent so natural it can only described as beautiful.

After being discovered by producer Peter Karroll in Paris, she has been able to generate a buzz with her pure talent that surpasses her age.

"My mother wanted me to play the piano at the age of 8, so I did, and I loved it.

I played the classical piano for 4 years," said Jules.

"Later I founded a punk rock band with friends, where I played the bass (actually I didn't know how to play it, I just learned on the ground) and I sang the choruses."

Jules said that she wanted to improve her vocal techniques, trying gospel, but finally moving on to opera lessons just two years ago, lessons that she is still taking.

"I learned acoustic guitar by myself, after buying a Fender acoustic by selling one of my paintings," said Jules.

Admitting to being a fan of all music, Jules said her earliest experience with music came at the age of twelve while attending punk concert. An experience that was quite different from what she was used to.

"I used to dance with my mother on jazz or rock songs of Billie Holiday, Marianne Faithfull. Today I'm fond of electronic music but also Folk," said Jules.

Folk artists of the past and present, with names such as Leonard Cohen, Sixto Rodriguez, Angus and Julia Stone, get of the most credit for her style of music.

Being a young artist Jules does have to balance school and all of her personal responsibilities as well as her music, but says that she works with Karroll every chance she gets either after school or on weekends.

"I was in a conversation with my wife and neighbors while dozens of children played on a playground," said Karroll according to Jules' artist bio.

"From behind us we heard a voice, it was as if the park was instantly converted to a grand concert hall."

Like any normal 16 year-old Jules still spends time with her friends and attends parties on Saturday night making sure that Sunday is homework night. Jules, a lover of Indian food, claims its actually one of her guilty pleasures.

"It's much too heavy or rich to eat often but I love it," she says.

She never forgets vocal exercises her singing taught her teacher has taught her and says that they help her preserve and strengthen her voice.

Her music is filled with emotion, mostly sad and almost melancholic moments that she says come from personal relationships, "mostly hard relationships, difficult times, sad times" which she says make the best songs.

Jules also draws inspiration from other music and great literature.

As for her future she says she has many ideas for writing and is working very hard right now to write and record new songs that she hopes to release in September.

"We have shot some footage for the Black Crow track and we will try to assemble the video and a few other musical surprises are in the works," says Jules.

Jules says she really wants to tour and experience audiences in other countries.

"I love performing live and dream of travelling to play my songs for anyone who would like to listen."

For more on Juliette Jules' visit her artist website where you can also download her Black Crow EP for free.

The EP features a stunning rendition of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah", as well as "The Game" "Johnny Was" and "To The Mountains."