Chanel 'West Coast' Releases Trippy Blueberry Chills [Video]

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Chanel West Coast got her start as the rapping secretary on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.

Since that time, she has been making a serious run at a legitimate rap career. This week she released a new video called 'Blueberry Chills' featuring another emerging rapper, Honey Cocaine.

This new video differs greatly from the pop-feeling songs of the past by introducing a trippy Mac Miller-esk vibe. This one has a strong beat and a slowed down feel that is an easy jam to sit back and relax to.

This one may be a stoners' anthem, especially for the female pot smokers. Chanel has clearly been refining her style and sounds alot like the caliber of Nikki Minaj these days.

The real question is, can the music market handle another white female rapper when Iggy Azalea is currently reigning supreme? asked this very question recently and posed the following thought:

"Nope, I got it, the real reason Chanel West Coast is not a rap superstar is because Lil Wayne and Young Money--the record label she's signed to and one of the hottest hip hop crews active right now--won't pay enough attention to her."