On The Rise: White Sea

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She got her start by performing in M83 alongside Anthony Gonzalez, but now Morgan Kibby is making her solo debut with her newest musical project, White Sea.

The mix between indie-electronica and alternative sounds Kibby works into her tracks is unique and eclectic, pleasing ears of the likings of many different music genres.

This weekend, the artist from Los Angeles is performing as White Sea and continuing on tour opening up for The Naked & Famous in Pittsburgh, along with playing a Governor's Ball after party in Brooklyn.

Though her tour schedule is crazy and hectic as ever, spent driving cross country and performing in a number of different cities across the United States, Kibby took a few minutes out of her afternoon to talk with us about what first inspired her to get into creating music, as well as plans for the coming months in regards to her new White Sea solo project.

Read further and get to know this young talent on the rise.

How did you first get your start in music?
I grew up playing classical piano and then transitioned into playing the cello. I got into some local bands, and then joined up with Anthony Gonzalez from M83.

Who are some of your musical influences?
Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and Prince - for sure!

If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry, who would it be?
Definitely any of the above!

You're playing a Governor's Ball after party this weekend in Brooklyn, which I am so stoked for.

Are you looking to see anyone specific perform this weekend at the festival?
Definitely one of my dear friends, La Roux, on Friday.

I'm just going to go to the festival, hang out, see what's up and listen to some awesome music.

What have you taken from your work with M83 that you have put into your solo career as White Sea?
I think I learned a lot from touring so much with them that I know how to put on the kind of show that I want to.

White Sea isn't very chaotic, but touring was definitely a big part of my life with M83.

What do you most look forward to when touring?
I most look forward to the surprise! One of the beautiful things of being on tour is living in the moment and having new adventures.

So far on this tour, the shows have been so much fun and in great cities. It's all about the adventure and surprise!

What are your upcoming plans in regards to releases and performing more shows?
I have a couple of shows in LA, and then touring more in the fall.

When I get home, I will have a few more new releases too!

For more information and updates on Morgan Kibby as White Sea, be sure to visit www.whiteseamusic.com