Howard Stern Remembers Jack Bruce

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Howard Stern opened his show Monday by discussing the death of Cream bassist Jack Bruce.

Stern has often talked about Cream as being one of his favorite bands. Bruce also played with Mountain's Leslie West, both a Stern favorite and a regular guest over the years.

"Jack Bruce...look I was a huge Cream fan," Stern said. "I loved that band.

I thought they were so terrific together.

What a lot of people don't know is that Jack Bruce wrote a lot of the Cream songs. He wrote 'Sunshine of Your love.' People just assume Eric Clapton wrote it...Unbelievable songwriter, just a terrific musician."

The host expressed surprise that Ginger Baker, Cream's drummer, who had a wild reputation actually outlived Bruce.

"Ginger Baker always seemed so unhinged and so unhealthy," Stern said.

A fan since he was young, Stern talked about crying when Cream broke up.

Cream was a power trio and Stern expressed amazement about how just three men created so much sound. Bruce appeared on the Stern Show once when the host visited England.