ASAP Rocky Debuts 'Everyday' Music Video Ft. Rod Stewart & More On Apple Music

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The new music video for ASAP Rocky's "Everyday" featuring Rod Stewart, Miguel and Mark Ronson debuted on Apple Music earlier today and it's about as trippy as it gets but incredibly real.

The "Everyday" music video follows the life of an artist in reverse. It starts out with someone who looks to be an overweight ASAP Rocky face down in a pool after committing suicide.

The video is arranged in a reversed order showing Rocky's "death" (not real of course) all the way up to the early days where life was simpler.

Before all the money and the fame Rocky was just another kid trying to make it in the world.

It also serves as a reminder of how things can be going really great one minute and then all of sudden there are feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. It's the dark side of celebrity status and is one that continues quite often. All of the artists involved do make cameos in the music video even Rod Stewart who took on the role of someone that looked to be trying to get through to the larger version of Rocky before the fake death.

Ronson can be seen mixing a track while Miguel serves as one of Rocky's early friends. Of course the video ends with Rocky crashing in his bed and smoking a blunt after being with a woman who left him earlier on in the video.

You have to see it to believe it. It's pretty amazing work like many of the visuals so far from the "At.Long.Last.A$AP" album.