Designer Drugs Announces Upcoming Album

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They're called Designer Drugs for a reason.

NYC's Theodore Paul Nelson and Michael Vincent Patrick make up the "punishing electro-punk" DJ/production duo who have made their name pushing the boundaries and tearing up venues around the world with their heady, mind-melting live performances.

Designer Drugs now emerges from their underground lair to unleash their sophomore full-length LP, The Drugs Are In Control, out March 10th on their own imprint, Sex Cult Records through Exodus Entertainment / Caroline Distribution.

Following their enormously well received debut album Hardcore/Softcore (Ultra Records) that entered the top 10 on iTunes in 2011, Designer Drugs are taking their intoxicating sonic crusade to the next level with their forthcoming release.

"Our last album was more esoteric and left-field," says Michael. Meanwhile, their new sound delivers a hard-hitting blur of heady, tripped-out tunes on this lurching beast of an album.

The forthcoming release offers electrifying and shimmering sounds with an incredibly robust feel, quite literally blowing your head to the moon with the feel of a hard hitting UK dance party in the mid nineties paired with mega festival breakdowns. Title track "The Drugs Are In Control" is massively created with rhythms and synths.

The single delivers a polished new sheen but touches on Designer Drugs' previous releases with elements of shoe gaze, punk rock, and indie pop. - via Magnum PR.