Have You Heard ASAP Rocky and ASAP Nast's 'I Want' Remix?

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It looks like everyone is getting in on the fun with Madeintyo's "I Want" track. The ASAP Mob members are taking their shot at it as ASAP Rocky and ASAP Nast spit some pretty heavy bars over the track.

Nast and Rocky go back and forth over the hard-hitting "I Want" beat and serves as a nice follow-up to the Cozy Tapes, Vol 1. album that the ASAP Mob released this year.

It proves that the ASAP Mob is still hard at work producing new music for their fans. While the song only comes in at a little over two minutes, Nast and Rocky still manage to kill it with their verses.

The trap and trill angles that a lot of today's artists are using seems to lend itself well to what the ASAP Mob is used to bringing to the table.

They are a young group of artists who have really been producing solid music from their humble beginnings.

From "Purple Swag" to now, ASAP Rocky and the ASAP Mob have developed and perfected their craft, which brings awesome music like the track below.

You can listen to ASAP Rocky and ASAP Nast's remix of Madeintyo's "I Want" in the audio below.