'The Lonely Island' 5 Favorite Boy Band Hits Excludes the Backstreet Boys

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It's looking as if Pop Star: Never Stop, Never Stopping is shaping up to be a pretty big release for Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island.

Billboard has been helping the guys ramp up the promotion for their new film/documentary and found out what their 5 Favorite Boy Band Hits are.

Unfortunately for the Backstreet Boys, they don't make the cut. However, their boy band rivals N*SYNC makes the number one spot with "Gone," a track that was dominated by Justin Timberlake's vocals.

"JT arrives. We rejoice," The Lonely Island writes of the Grammy-nominated 2001 song, according to Billboard.

The guys seem to be a fan of the more classic bands like New Edition and New Kids On The Block, with hits like "Can You Stand The Rain" and "Please Don't Go Girl," respectively.

Don't worry there is a little One Direction thrown in the mix.

You can check out the full list here. Pop Star: Never Stop, Never Stopping hits theaters on Friday, June 3.