Kid Cudi is More Proud of 'Speedin' Bullet To Heaven' Than Any Other Album

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If you're a Kid Cudi fan chances are you first got into him via his hit "Day N' Nite" which varies very much compared to the new sounds that fans can expect on his upcoming album "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven." That doesn't stop Cudi from declaring his love for the new album and his confidence in it.

His first single off "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" is titled "Confused" but did everything but confused his die-hard fans.

To this day fans are still raving about how good the track is and really to a liking to "Confused." Meanwhile there are Kid Cudi "purists" who were expecting more of the "Plain Pat and Emile Presents: A Kid Named Cudi" or the "Man On The Moon" Cudi.

However, it's clear that Cudi has moved on to new heights in his creativity and is bringing the golden era of "grunge-rock" back with "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven."

Recently, Cudi took to Twitter and revealed that he was more proud of the new project than any other he's worked on in the past.

"I am very VERY proud of this album," said Cudi in his tweet. "More than anything I've ever made before. I am confident it will find a special place in your hearts" (he originally used a heart Emoji).

There has been little information regarding the actual release date of the album but with the first single already out it's simply a matter of time before fans are able to get their hands on what Kid Cudi alludes to as one of his best pieces yet.

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