Howard Stern's Jason Kaplan Blogs About 'Meatopia'

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Howard Stern Producer Jason Kaplan likes to eat. And while Stern and sidekick Robin Quivers no longer eat red meat, Kaplan has remained a strict carnivore.

Kaplan, however, does not agree with his bosses and even has a name for their "prejudice."

"As much as I idolize those guys, I must disagree with their Meat-Phobia," Kaplan wrote on

"I know, I know, I'm bordering on 300 pounds and hardly the picture of health, so take what I say with a grain of salt (or healthy pinch of salt) but that doesn't change the fact that meat is enjoyed by all types of people the world over and internationally renowned, award winning chefs still swear by the butcher block."

To prove his love of meat, Kaplan attended this year's Meatopia -- a sort of Comic-Con like even for meat lovers.

Created by Esquire Writer at Large Josh Ozersky, Meatopia celebrates his love of meat. The event has gotten bigger every year and Kaplan was happy to report that meat-lovers are alive and well.

Meatopia X: The Carnivore's Ball was held this year on a rooftop overlooking the Hudson River. Kaplan described his experiences euphorically.

"Upon leaving the elevator and entering the festival an hour before it was open for the public I was hit with that unmistakable smell of charcoal and wood burning that immediately puts me in heaven," he wrote.

"The entire rooftop was coated in a light, blue smoke - a smoke that any half-serious BBQ'er would recognize as the perfect smoke! Just like at Comic Con, I felt at home, with my peers, and I couldn't wait to talk to talk to all the Meat Heads!"

The even gave Kaplan the chance to speak with a number of luminaries in the world of meat including Francis Derby from The Cannibal in New York.

He also sampled beef heart (marinated in Pomegranate) with grits from the chef at NY Hilton Midtown, which he liked.