Mac Miller Loses His Dog - Asks Twitter For Help

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So I'll be honest, I didn't even remember that Mac Miller had dogs.

It doesn't really seem to be an active part of his life, but then again on his 'Most Dope' TV show, he is always doing strange things with the pups.

The adorable little dogs name is Ralphie, which I'm sure hundreds of people are shouting outside right now.

On June 28th, Mac sent out a Tweet Say a prayer for Ralph. Ralph being his dog of course. The whole Most Dope family put out Tweets and Instagram posts to try to get people involved. Of course, unless most of their followers are in the same region as the dog, these posts may not help much.

Nevertheless, social media has come in handy for countless people for lots of different reasons. So if you are a dog owner, you know how this feels when your pet runs away.

Mac continued to post on Twitter with the following:

At the time of writing this, that tweet is one of the highest tweets interacted with to date for Mac. Goes to show the dedication of his fans.

So beyond posting to social media, let's hope Mac has a gang on Huffys out there searching with flashlights. Best of luck with the search!