Punch Of TDE Releases 'Prelude'

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Punch brings Top Dawg Entertainment fans "Prelude," a new track laced with historical anecdotes that like J. Cole's new record "Be Free," challenges the notion of violence and being from the street.

TDE is known for artists who rhyme with intelligence and rappers who can tell stories better than some of the best authors you have read. The beginning starts with an short excerpt of the Los Angeles Riots, which set the tone for the entire track.

Punch speaks about being in the projects and being careful of cars with 5 percent tints and drugs.

Punch raps, "Modern day Babylon, the great Harley/Fornicated with the nations and gave birth to the garden/Circa 1956, they finished the bricks/Two year prior my grandmama left Mississippi/Cause they was hanging n****s, burning n****s quick/Jim Crow laws got too thick, she called it quits/(What a transition from Jim Crow, South/To projects, Nickerson Gardens/Compton imperial housing development/Seemed like a great place for her to settle in."

At the end a song a woman says that that is her view from a project window leading listeners to realize that Punch was speaking through the eyes of a man or woman living in the LA projects in a trying era.

According HotNewHipHop.com Punch recently dropped a Jay Rock-featured cut "A Project Mind", the TDE President before returning with this new track.

Head over to HotNewHipHop.com to listen to the track.