Jeezy and Rick Ross Kiss and Make Up

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Hip Hop beefs have plagued the industry for a minute now and its been a very sad thing, but on the plus side, it gives us a little more excitement.

I like when rappers really capitalize from these things and use strategic ways to excel.

I love seeing other parties getting involved, and people choosing their favorite sides. It was unfortunate that Tupac and Biggie's war had to go so far. I've grown up seeing so many, and I remember the day like it was yesterday. My mother went to work 12-hour shifts so at those hours, the house was like a zoo. We would stay up late, eat what we wanted and watched the programs we knew she would never allow. This night was VHS worthy.

We got one of my mothers old tapes. Probably important but who cares and we pushed it in waiting for the program to start. It was the 1995 Source Awards.

It was about to go down. At this time it was right dead in the middle of the whole EAST vs WEST controversy. I remember Suge grabbing the microphone with Danny Boy accompanying him. After that Hip Hop was different.

In hip-hop, beef is good business

Years ago I remember listening to Rick Ross flood the airwaves and liking it because it was different. I then fell in love with the remix because it had my favorite artist ever on it and another southern rapper by the name of Young Jeezy. It was a good song, so it was weird to me when I found out that both these rappers were "beefing". I remember coming home and doing my usual of checking my Facebook and scrolling through people's business. I remember seeing a picture of the reunited Jeezy and Ross and enlarging it to see if it was some camera trick, but it wasn't. The two decided to reconcile and in typical boss fashion they decided to make a song. The song is called "Warready", and it's pretty impressive.

I don't know about being ready for war but I do know that I'm ready for whats to come from the two. I see more collaborations and I see more business. It's awesome to see men put away their differences and meet at the hip hop round table.

This turns them into examples and shows other artists in hip hop that they can do it to. In war, sometimes you also have to be ready to retreat.

They retreated towards the good. I'm back on the Hip Hop bandwagon, I'm ready for battle and I'm war ready!