Travis Scott Fans Want to Know Where Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight Is

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Like Frank Ocean fans, Travis Scott fans are feeling a little let down after the clock struck 12 AM for August 5 and there was no sign of his upcoming album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, or him for that matter.

Now, fans are wondering where the album is.

It's been a pretty disappointing Friday for fans of Scott and Ocean, they were expecting both projects to drop at midnight but it never happened.

As for Scott, there wasn't much sign of him either and if you look at his Twitter page, all of his tweets have vanished.

No one nows what that is about however, he does have one tweet remaining and fans are using the reply section to ask about the Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight album.

One fan went as far as to say that Scott lied to them and the anxiety seems to be building among others. It's practically been the same story as Scott's Rodeo release.

Dates have been pushed back promises were stretched and fans just want to hear the new music they were promised.

The photo below is the only thing Scott has posted so there really is no telling what is going on with Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight.

The most we can say is it will come whenever Scott and Apple are ready.

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Check out some of the fan tweets at Travis Scott below.