Zedd & Gatorade Release Soccer Campaigns Ft. Lionel Messi, Teasing An Announcement: 'True Colors'

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International EDM DJ Zedd and Gatorade are kicking off their soccer campaign commercials featuring Zedd's track "Addicted to A Memory" featuring Bahari.

The feature comes just in time as Zedd's upcoming album "True Colors" will be released in a matter of weeks.

Zedd is also gearing fans up for a big announcement coming soon.

Additionally, Gatorade will debut a TV commercial on May 11 titled "Fuel the Fire," which displays a live-action sequence that shifts between Lionel Messi, James Rodriguez and an amateur athlete.

Both videos feature Zedd's new track. Zedd's ability to create high intensity music is now being fused with a high intensity sport and the commercial takes very well to the thumping sound.

Meanwhile, Zedd took to Twitter to tease a "huge announcement" coming May 11 making the day a huge one for fans. He's urging fans to follow ZeddTCT.com in order to hear it first.

The video he posted it alludes to a large crowd and some of his intense music. As of right now there is no solid news but fans can expect something pretty big to come as ZeddCTC's countdown continues to tick.

"Addicted to A Memory" featuring Bahari is the first of two singles released from Zedd's "True Colors" album, the other of course, being "I Want You To Know" featuring Selena Gomez.

Zedd's sophomore album follows his impressive debut "Clarity" that propelled him into worldwide success. "True Colors" is scheduled to be released on May 19, you can check out the second Gatorade commercial below.