Norine Braun's Latest Release 'Conventus the Eye of the Heart'

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Norine Braun, a roots and blues rock artist with a little but of funk below her belt, released her new album 'Conventus the Eye of the Heart' in early November, and since then has been basking in the musical success.

This is the ninth studio album release for Braun, who has been performing and writing for years now. This album, though, was taken by a different approach and was "an inspired piece of music centered around the concept of unions".

The album has been described as three things: emotion, heartfelt and eclectic.

"Norine's new full length CD 'Conventus the Eye of the Heart' follows Norine's songwriting journey through life-threatening disease, a death in the family, new beginnings and the celebration of life," a recent press release in support of her release explained.

"It's about as honest and lyrically strong as roots and blues rock gets."

Braun, from Vancouver, is an award winning artist with similar sounds to Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and City and Colour.

She has an aray of awards and recognitions under her belt from events including LA Music Awards, The Best Female Musicians Magazine - among many more.

Braun is living proof that music really can cure all. In the past couple years, she struggled and battled colon cancer. Being diagnosed and cured, music helped her through her recovery.

"As I lay in my hospital bed last January, I listened to my roughly recorded demos of these songs and I let them show me the way to health," Braun stated about her recent release.

"Music was a healing activity that held my interest and focus in my recovery."

There is also a strong positive sense that rises from the work of the album. Braun married her partner of 25 years on Halloween in 2012, and this great love is portrayed through her newest release.

"I looked at the union in my own family of origin relationship and how my life's journey as an adoptee has greatly shaped who I am.

All of these unions, union of self and body, self and spirit, family union, union of love and marriage - are found in the creation of these songs and my new album," she continued.

When listening to Braun's latest album, I felt a sense of calmness because of the folk sound. She touches on serious topics which can be very relatable for a slew of listeners and fans.

She takes a full on heartfelt approach to reach into audiences souls with her music. I felt as though she told a story for not only herself, but anyone listening.

"We have all known someone who felt lonely, defeated, betrayed, rejected, scared and yet found the strength to get back up, fight and win," Braun said with a positive outlook.

"We all know when we find that union with someone, something or within our selves, we can overcome and celebrate and cherish everything."

And with that, Braun has perfectly put into words the meaning behind her album, and what she hopes her audience gets from listening to the heartfelt tracks.

'Conventus the Eye of the Heart' is a story for everyone and anyone.

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