Nate Paladino Brings Back 60's Pop

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Nate Paladino, a singer and songwriter from Orange County, is bringing back that catchy pop sound from the 50's and 60's our parents all grew up on and loved.

This time around, though, our generation has the opportunity to embrace the blues and ballads of Paladino's unique work with the recent release of his Good Boy EP.

Good Boy, which dropped in early November, "moves from swagger to violence, from heartbreak to hatred, and from love to defeat," the musician explained of his latest release. The EP is also filled and bonded together with healthy doses of humor.

The talented singer and songwriter's lyrical approach "lies on the dark and introspective side" with the tracks he puts out.

"I sing sad songs that sometimes sound happy," Paladino explained. "I write what I know, that masculinity is broke, that the grass is greener where you water it, and that liquor heals all wounds that time does not."

Nate Paladino not only plays the guitar on his own tracks, but also recorded the bass and drums on his first album, Like a Nail in Your Head.

Now, Paladino has the support of Frank Fermi on bass and Jon Hyrkas on drums.

For those who take to the liking of Nick Cave, Tom Waits Lana del Ray and Johnny Cash, you're sure to love these old-timey sounds Nate Paladino has perfected.

Check out two of our favorite recommendations via YouTube below: "Buy Your Heart" and "I'll Be Gone".