Debut Release From Habits

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Habits is the synthesizer/sample based musical vision of Los Angeles based artist and cat owner, Dustin M Krapes.

Currently, Habits' revolving cast of live and recording collaborators includes professional wrestling hall-of-famer Dithy Ramb on drums, and vegan taxidermy specialist Gabriel Armenta on bass.

Musically, Habits combines driving rhythms, and a psychedelic collage of otherworldly synths as the sonic backdrop to Dustin's lofty metaphysical themed lyrics, typically delivered in a lazily confrontational speak-sing style of crooning. As opposed to merely playing to a crowd, Dustin prefers to engage the audience, assuming the role of a slacker shaman armed with a disintegrating laptop, some effects pedals, and a unique brand of cosmic indifference.

Catch them at a warehouse party or a new age book store near you. - via Tell All Your Friends PR.