New From Alternative Punk Band, Lovesick Saints

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Lovesick Saints, an alternative punk band from Scottsdale, Arizona and similar to bands Social Distortion and The Ramones, just released a new music video for their single "War Story", which can be viewed below.

Vocalist and guitarist Tom Holliday described the band's new gritty single "War Story" as "a heart-felt punk rock tribute to all those who fought and sacrificed their lives for our freedom".

Lovesick Saints, consisting of Tom Holliday and Jarrod Olson, along with Christian Howell, released their newest EP 'Dia De Los Muertos' last June and is still soaking up the success of the release. 'Dia De Los Muertos' was the fourth EP for the trio, being released after 'The Punk Rock Honky Tonk', 'Resurwreckshun' and 'Outside Looking In'.

Lovesick Saints has a unique sound which is a mix between punk rock and country, with a hint of alternative as well.

Their 'Dia De Los Muertos' can be heard on Soundcloud, be sure to check it out for some pure punk sounds.

If you are a fan of classic and alternative punk, with a slight mix of country music, this is the perfect blend of genres and right up your alley.