Jay Z Shares Opinions On The Power Of Hip-Hop And Racism's Root: 'Racism Is Taught In The Home'

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In a video for Oprah Winfrey's OWN TV, Jay Z spoke candidly about the impact of Hip-Hop on all races and where he believes racism stems from in younger kids.

(Video Below)

Jay Z prepared the viewers of the the video on his opinion of the culture impact of Hip-Hop. He says that Hip-Hop may have been more impactful over most of the cultural icons.

Jay Z continued that Hip-Hop didn't influence kids from urban areas but people all around the world.

"Racism is taught in the home," said Jay Z, "I truly believe that racism is taught when you're young." Jay Z stated that it was much harder to teach racism when your kid looks up to Snoop Doggy Dogg.

His opinions were pretty strong on the subject but he came to one simple conclusion towards the end.

"We're more alike than we're separate," said Jay Z. He believes that having a genre of music that everyone likes and everyone can party too brings conversation, common interests and overall brings people together.

The video is part of OWN TV's Civil Rights coverage.

"Iconic masters share their stories from the history of the American civil rights movement. Dr.

Maya Angelou, Cicely Tyson, Sidney Poitier, Lionel Richie, Diahann Carroll and Berry Gordy Jr. offer insights," read the caption of the video. "Plus, hear more from Condoleezza Rice, Morgan Freeman, Lenny Kravitz, Vanessa Williams and Jay-Z."

Watch Jay Z Speak About Racism