Hodgy Beats Releases 'What's Yours': 'Dena Tape 2' Coming Soon

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One of Odd Future's wild boys Hodgy Beats released a brand new track titled, "What's Yours," to give fans something to hold them over until the release of "Dena Tape 2."

(Audio Below)

"It's been quite some time since we've heard from Hodgy Beats, but it's probably cause the rapper has been prepping his follow up to 'Untitled 2,' 'Dena Tape 2,'" reports HotNewHipHop.com.

"The mixtape was announced back in November with a release date of February 2. Now that we're nearing the month of February, Hodgy decides to tease fans with this short track premiered by P&P."

In the begin there is a pretty lengthy intro but as soon as the beat kicks fans will know that the song is going to transform into something really hot.

The lyrics are very solid and Beats delivery is on point. The verse is very brief but just enough to give his fans a taste of what is to come when the "Dena Tape 2" is released.

Listen to "What's Yours" over at Pigeon and Planes