Carly Rose Sonenclar Does Worst Ice Bucket Challenge Ever

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Carly Rose Sonenclar is best known for coming in 2nd on the second season of the X-factor. But recently she joined the trend of pouring a bucket of water on yourself in support of ALS.

That sounds great, but Carly may want to work on her bucket handling skills.

On Monday, the singer posted a video of herself on what looks like the balcony of a hotel.

A friend is taping the event and when Carly goes to pour the water on her head, she loses her grip and the bucket goes flying behind her.

Carly has made several guest appearances on TV shows and is signed to Columbia records. Even though no record has been released yet, her fans anxiously wait for her to put out new music.

Even though the music output is slow, she is an avid social media user and her recent ice bucket slip up is making the rounds.

Funny accident that could go viral? Sure.

After watching the video a couple times though, it would appear that there is really no water in the bucket and even though their reactions look genuine, this one would seem to be myth busted.

After watching the video, what do you think?