CommonUnion59 Prepares for Release of 'Heartbeat Serenade' Album Release

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It's the dead of winter - what better way to stay warm by the fire than with some Americana-folk tunes? CommonUnion59, a folk duo from San Francisco, is preparing for the release of their upcoming album, Heartbreak Serenade, set to drop on February 11th.

The duo, consisting of Steve McKenzie and Laura Malasig, write and perform unique music that is personal to them yet relatable and universal for the listener - with all tracks expressing the heavy emotions and experiences of life. When the two talented artists first joined forces and started working together, constant bursts of creative energy flowed and songs were quickly developed and made into reality.

Their debut album, Magnolia Waltz, was the creation of this artistic magic, and thankfully for fans, the wait for new music is now over with the announcement of their upcoming album Heartbeat Serenade.

Fans and listeners will even be able to catch the duo on tour this year in support of their upcoming album release.

For those who are fans of Brandi Carlile, Civil Wars, Simon & Garfunkle and Natalie Merchant, you are sure to love the sweet and smooth melodies of CommonUnion59.

Our favorite and most recommended tracks from the upcoming album are "It's Alright" and "Not Dead", which you can stream below via Soundcloud.