Travis Scott's Albums Go Platinum Ahead of Two More Projects Still To Come

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Travis Scott has managed to accomplish a lot of feats in what some would call a little bit of time.

It's now been confirmed by the RIAA that both Rodeo and Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight went platinum on the same day. The fans are showing Scott a ton of love but how will he return the favor?

The answer is, with more music to come. From the rumors it should be a lot more music to come.

Scott confirmed that Astroworld would be coming soon, along with a collaborative album with Quavo.

There is still plenty of speculation on which one of the albums will be coming first, including some from Scott himself.

Scott performed a freestyle during a Wisconsin show where he assured fans that an album was coming soon, the only problem was, he wasn't sure which one would be coming first.

What we do know is both pieces are expect to drop this year.

Scott has been notorious for pushing back projects for one reason or another, which could be the reason he and his team are straying away from giving fans an actual release date.

Though with this blast of good news that his hard work is paying off with the support of his fans, we're sure he'll have some very big surprises ahead.

In the meantime, fans will have to continue to spin "Butterfly Effect," "A man" and "Green & Purple" to hold them over before the albums come.

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