Is Sauce Walka's 'Wack 2 Wack' Drake Diss the Most Hurtful Yet?

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Over the past couple of years, Drake has been dissed by a plethora of rappers from Murda Mook to Meek Mill but the newest "Wack 2 Wack" diss by Sauce Walka might be one of the most hurtful yet.

(Audio/Download Below)

On "Wack 2 Wack" Sauce Walka pretty much did everything Meek Mill should have done when it came to a diss track. Walka continued to accuse Drake of being fake, accused him of being on steroids and even said that Drake's rumored girlfriend Serena Williams was "stiffer" than him and would whoop his ass.

If those aren't fighting words then we don't know what else you all were looking for. At this point Drake now has a chance to either answer a real diss or keep it cool and keep it moving.

"However, there's more history to unfold in the possible Sauce Twinz x Drizzy beef," said HotNewHipHop as they provided a bit more insight on where this beef began.

"Prior to HAW, Sauce Twinz were seemingly on the precipice of getting a Drake remix to their buzzing record "2 Legited 2 Quited." They'd even hit the studio together and posed for a photo.

Perhaps adding fuel to the fire is the fact that said remix has never fully materialized."

Walka has more of a Migos style of rap but the bars on the "Wack 2 Wack" Drake diss are just completely heavy.

What's even more hurtful is Walka uses Drake's own track as the basis for his lyrical onslaught. Check out the track below and let us know if you think Drake will issue a reply in the comments below.

Listen to the "Wack 2 Wack" Drake Diss below.