Kiesza's 'Sound Of A Woman' is Danceable, Good Fun: Our Review

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Canadian crooner Kiesza finally dropped her first, full length studio album, SOUND OF A WOMAN, a dance-pop album reminiscent of 90s upbeats and today's House anthems. The album was put forth by Island Records, and released October 21.

The kick-off single before the album's initial release, HIDEAWAY, was an instant hit, and gave listeners a taste of what to expect from the pop vixen's fresh yet nostalgic sound.

Kiesza's danceable, fun style is not unlike the beats from synthpop artist, La Roux.

Punchy and rhythmic, HIDEAWAY sets the tone for the rest of the album like a pulse. Themes of escape, dreams and chances in love form the crutch for Kiesza's debut proclamation to House crowds and club goers.

NO ENEMIESZ is a sugary, electro anthem advocating the virtues of peace and love with a friendly, poppy vibe.

Kiesza sings the main verse sweetly, chanting "If we could all fall in love together, we'd have no enemies." It's easy to picture her in the middle of a battlefield (or a dance floor), singing the praises of a night out falling in love.

The fourth track, SO DEEP, is a dreamy, sultry ballad laying out her yearnings for finding romance in the moment.

Kiesza strays away from the "happily ever after" motif and dives into the passionate proclamations of falling in love in an instant, and SO DEEP brings the listener along with her.

War and peace springs to action in the song VIETNAM, a mellow yet emotionally explosive song.

Kiesza sings about feeling defenseless, and having guard down, as she finally falls in love with the nameless character played by the album's listener.

VIETNAM is about giving love to a person while acknowledging the danger of letting your heart be vulnerable, and she sings eloquently about the willingness to be susceptible to heartbreak.

What is possibly the best song on the album, WHAT IS LOVE is a slow, melodic cover of Haddaway's 1993 original "What Is Love?" This is perhaps the best example of Kiesza's powerful vocals, as she belts "What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more" in a moving display of her melodic range.

The title song, SOUND OF A WOMAN, could be the anthem for a New Age feminist movement.

At this point in Kiesza's love story, the romance has ended and she sings about the tumultuous falling out of a decaying relationship from the perspective of a wounded, but strong fighter.

She has held on for too long, and it pains her to have to let her love go after all she gave.

The twelfth track, OVER MYSELF, is a dark and mysterious take on the break up dance song.

"I think I gotta break your heart to get over myself," Kiesza sings.

And it leads in to the last song on the album, CUT ME LOOSE, which rounds out this upbeat debut with a slow finish, leaving the listener nostalgic for the Madonna-like dance beats from the peak of this romantic soundtrack.

Overall, while Kiesza's new album has a healthy smattering of tear jerkers, it is chock full of super catchy songs that are totally dance club ready.