Will Bobby Shmurda Follow In The Footsteps of Cheif Keef And Trinidad James?

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Both Cheif Keef and Trinidad Jame$ had gained overnight success with just one hit, however, it is proving to be a bit harder for them to follow up as both have a pressure building from Def Jam Records according to Blogs.HoustonPress.com.

"To date, only one of them has released an album, Keef's Finally Rich. Even though it produced one of my favorite hazily remembered songs in 'Love Sosa,' Keef couldn't promote the thing for being constantly in and out of jail; he's currently in Interscope limbo," said the post written by Brando. "Meanwhile, after reaching a plateau with 'Gold,' James tried to release a second tape called 10 Pc.

Mild, but it didn't capture anywhere near the same type of buzz that his previous release Don't Be S.A.F.E. (and to an extent "Gold") had. Like Keef, he's in limbo, albeit over at Def Jam."

Much of Shmurda's success has come from social media and the "Shmoney Dance" has a ton to do with what Shmurda has been able to accomplish. While the article makes a lot of sense, it's not quite clear if Shmurda actually has the background he raps about or if he is in any trouble with the law to date.

That may separate him from Cheif Keef, but will he be able to produce another hit or even a mixtape that catches on? His best bet may be to look for popular rappers or artists who will collaborate with him on another track in hopes that it propels him even further into fame.