Kendrick Lamar Debuts New 'Untitled' Track: Says He Prefers To Be Called A Writer Not A Rapper

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One of the most popular rappers today, Kendrick Lamar, debuted a new song during The Colbert Report and some of the answers he gave Stephen Colbert may surprise you.

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Lamar is from Compton "straight outta Compton" as Colbert said on his show. Lamar also said that he does not want to be considered a rapper.

He feels that he is more of a writer than he is a rapper because of his ability to tell a great story through the lyrics that he delivers to his fans.

He was quite humble in his appearance and confirmed yet again that he doesn't smoke weed.

Lamar says that he didn't want to chose a name like Lil Wayne or anything of the sort because he wanted to stay true to himself and do what he knew best.

He wants to relay his story to kids and help them make the better decisions growing up in a tough environment like he did.

Lamar debuted a brand new song during his appearance on "The Colbert Report." The track is actually "untitled" and it's safe to say that fans should be prepared for an entirely new Lamar on his new album after hearing the new track, as well as "i."

Watch The Full Interview And New Track Debut Below