Riff Raff Is The Next Sasha Baron Cohen: Hair Craze

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Riff Raff is known for his outlandish style and over-the-top personality. He is also known by many for being some-what of a joke, which is probably not lost on the rapper himself.

So why compare him to someone like Sasha Baron Cohen? Well, Cohen is known for his immersive characters that makes it hard to remember that it is just an actor. We all remember Borat.

So Riff Raff is either completely over the top, or it is possible that he is actually like that all the time.

But if he came out to world as just a normal guy claiming to be acting, would really surprise you?

It has to be said that it may all just be an act. Something that evolved over time to be so over the top that he just had to get noticed.

For instance, when he was accepted to be on the MTV show From G's to Gents, he got the MTV logo tattooed on his neck and changed his name to MTV Riff Raff just to be noticed.

So clearly he would do anything for fame.

In the 2013 music video from Action Bronson entitled Strictly 4 My Jeeps, Riff Raff seems to be getting directly made fun of but plays right into it. In 2014, he is seen walking down the red carpet with pop star Katy Perry in a ridiculous matching denim outfit. And no one can take themselves seriously with that get-up.

So maybe this did start as a persona, and it then evolved into a full-blown rap personality.

Either way, for someone who makes Paul Wall look like an accountant, Riff Raff is likely going to end up in the pop-rap graveyards with Vanilla Ice and Marky Mark (though we all see what happened there).

But his hair-cut may be trapped into the memories of time.