G-Eazy Releases 'One Of Them' Ft. Big Sean Off the 'When It's Dark Out' Album

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One of the most underrated debuts from a hip-hop artist might be G-Eazy's These Things Happen.In case you didn't believe in that one, G-Eazy is releasing When It's Dark Out.

Recently he released a new track titled, "One Of Them" featuring Big Sean.

"One Of Them" is without a doubt the stand out single off of G-Eazy's When It's Dark Out. In "One Of Them" G-Eazy enters a new realm of the braggadocios style of rap, however, he is sure to stress upon the hustle and how he rose to fame out of the finer things he wanted in life.

Once attaining everything that he wants he doesn't consider himself normal anymore. G-Eazy also hilarious adds that he wants to marry Cara Delevingne, which for him might not be a reach given his current status.

Big Sean is one of the go-to artists when it comes to tracks about splurging and having an unmatched work ethic. His verse isn't very extensive but he still manages to add that extra punch that throws this track over the top.

"One Of Them" happens to be one of the seven singles that are already available. His album When It's Dark Out is scheduled to released on Friday, December 4 and features an extensive list of artists.

You can head over to HotNewHipHop to listen to "One Of Them."