Steve Harvey's 'Mystery Millionaire' Founded 'Packit' Lunch Kit

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"It's a line of foldable, freezable lunch kits," said Melissa Kieling, CEO and founder of PackIt Lunch Kits to Steve Harvey on "The Steve Harvey Show."

The walls of the kit freeze, allowing for perishable items, including milk to remain cold for up to ten hours.

"That's pretty cool," said Harvey. "I just had a lunch box."

The founder of PackIt started the company after a divorce and a bankruptcy. "My drycleaner sewed the first one together for me," she said.

With over $15 million in annual revenue, the company has grown from nothing into a huge success.

"What's your advice to single moms who want to pursue a dream," Harvey said.

"You have to be willing to ask the silly question...You also have to be willing to sacrifice," Kieling said.

Kieling researched and patented the idea for a lunch bag that had freezable gel built into its lining.

In 2009, she launched the PackIt Personal Cooler, the first foldable, freezable bag that keeps food and drinks cool on the go for up to 10 hours--no ice packs needed.

Under her leadership, PackIt's patented technology has expanded from lunch totes into a line of food and drink solutions spanning wine, baby, picnic, and shopping bags that are sold in more than 40 countries internationally.