Katy Perry Joins Forces With Riff Raff, Bring Us 'This Is How We Do'

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Katy Perry is a hit-maker and Riff Raff holds his own in "This Is How We Do."

Katy Perry's last release was "Dark Horse," which was also a collaborative song featuring Juicy J. The "Firework" singer has often teamed up with rappers to create chart - topping hits like "California Girls" which featured Snoop Dogg and "E.T." featuring Kanye West.

What does come as a bit of surprise however, is who the feature is exactly. Riff Raff is not known as a mainstream rapper so the unlikely collab is a great step up in the world for him.

The "Dolce & Gabbana" rapper released his second album, "Neon Icon" in June and received some harsh criticism from Internet critics like Jesse Fairfax from HipHopDX who stated, "Neon Icon seems aimless and not very well thought out." Fortunately for Riff Raff, not everyone disliked the album which allowed his newest album to climb to a peak spot of 47 on the Billboard charts.

So while the album was not noticeably a stand out, it did garner him some attention.

With Riff Raff's Katy Perry collab it s quite possible that we will see his name start popping up in other places with mainstream singers like Rihanna perhaps.

Watch This Is How We Do Here: