Chords of Truth & The Chameleon Team Up to Create Eccentric Acid-Folk EP

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Rising from Clemson, South Carolina is an acid-folk artist Jason Garriotte, also known as Chords of Truth. Garriotte is a singer and songwriter with a folk background who transported himself into the electronic music industry.

His project, Chords of Truth, is "intended as a trip of deep self inquiry, with mind-expanding lyrics to support the journey".

As soon as I began to listen to Chords of Truth's latest release "Reflections of Reality (The Chameleon Acidfolk Remix), I was suddenly put in a trance. The music has a really low-key electro vibe, relaxing you, putting you in the mood to chill out and hang low, rather than dance the night away.

The vocals have a more folk and twangy sound, with meaningful lyrics and no sense of repetitiveness that some gain from electronic music, but still incorporates solid beats and rhythms. This creates for the acid-folk sound

"Reflections of Reality (The Chameleon Acidfolk Remix)" is only a branch of Garriotte's work. His debut EP "Reflections of Reality" was released in 2011, when he began to work on lyrics and melodies with another producer, Jeffrey Joslin.

With the release, Garriotte touring around the states and played a number of shows around the country.

After his debut release, Garriotte decided to work alongside other producers in the industry, and found that a large number of his fans and listeners were from within the electronic music community, "with a long history of mind-expanding ideas to their credit", leading him to work with The Chameleon, a producer from New York.

The Chameleon added his own beats to the folk lyrics to Garriotte's work to create a unique and ecentric outcome.

If you are interested in experimental music and open to new genres - a listen to Chords of Truth is certainly up your alley. Think "folk music on acid" and you get just that, acid-folk.

For a low-key and chilled-out atmosphere, throw on some of these tunes and you have a relaxing evening ahead of you.

Be sure to check out Chords of Truth on SoundCloud, and watch his latest video for "The Power To Be Alive", which can be viewed below.