How Did George Michael Die? Were Drugs Involved?

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George Michael, the 53 year old musician, who was part of Wham! and was well known for songs including Faith and Freedom passed away today, on Christmas day 2016? How did he die?

How did George Michael Die?

According to the BBC, there were no suspicious events surrounding Michael's death. The ambulance arrived at his house in Goring in Oxfordshire at 13:42 GMT. The official cause of death was cardiac arrest.

It is worth nothing, however, that Michael has had some serious health problems in the past. According to the Vienna Times, Michael had to cancel a 2011 conference because of pneumonia. The "Symphonica Tour," as it was called, was canceled in November 2011.

During that episode, he had to be put in the ICU due to intense chest pains.

It took nearly a month for Michael to get better.

The BBC reported that Michael was in a coma at one point, and he had to have a tracheotomy -- a surgical procedure to allow someone to breathe when they cannot use their mouth to breathe.

Were Drugs Involved in George Michael's Death?

Michael has also had a history of interactions with law enforcement due to drugs. In several instances, he was caught by police driving while under the influence of marijuana. He was also known to take prescription medications.

But Michael's drug habit may have gone beyond that. According to The Telegraph, Michael may have been getting involved with heroin.

The newspaper cited a source who said "He's been rushed to A&E on several occasions...He used heroin.

I think it's amazing he's lasted as long as he has." It is possible that the cardiac arrest that he suffered was related to heroin use.

Michael had no children -- he often said that was because he was "too embarrassing" for kids. He did, however, have godchildren.

It is unclear what will happen to Michael's vast inheritance.

At the time of his death, according to The Squander, George Michael's net worth nearly $200 million dollars. Given the number of charities that Michael was involved in, it is likely that he will give some to charity.

We will all miss George Michael.