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I am a huge hip hop fan and always have been. I used to watch these dvd's that were underground that brave camermen used to go to Neighbourhoods around the world(dangerous ones) to go peep out their upcoming talent.

These rappers couldnt go an intrerview or freestyle without letting people know what area they were from, what set they claimed and how big their guns were(by actually showing it). And it was on these dvd's I found some of my favourite artists.
Inside of some clothing store somewhere in New York. Its full with supporters. Supporters of 2 rappers, wel not regular rappers. Two of the best wordsmen. They turn their words into weapons to cut away at credibility and find holes in each others skill. Murda Mook and Loaded Lux opened my ear. I was used to battles on corners and on trains but I didnt know there would be a place where i can actually purchase a dvd and watch these battles, I was hooked. I started paying attention to styles and names. Names like Party Arty, Jae Millz who Now a signee to YMCB, Math Hoffa just to name a few. These names grew. They started building reputations outside of their neighbourhoods and outside of their cities. Jae Millz and Serious Jones were even picked up by major labels. And are still pushing til this day.
Battling is something that has been there since the beginning of time but it has now revolutuinized. Before artists used to make it up as the went along(freestyle). Now its done like boxing.

You get time to train, study opponents and then hit the ring. Its a new way of doing things.Which is proving to be profitable. Eminem battling for his respect in 8 mile, 50 cent tearing down Ja rule on :"wanksta" these are all forms of the battle. Even women are getting involved.
The battle culture is now a booming business branching out to different countries, different leagues alot more battlers. And alot more people involved. These battles have become more that a war of the words. Theyve turned into spectacles. Almost like boxing matches.

Press conferences, some battlers showing up in costume, with props and some of these battles even getting Pay Per View. Yes, Pay Per view. To see where Battling goes I wait patiently in excitement. Being recognized by the elites in hip hop.

Battling has a bright future. Tweets from Jay-z. Busta and Diddy attending battles. This only proves that the future is bright. Theres no battling that.