ASTR to Release 'Varsity' EP on January 21st

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Come 2014, ASTR will be releasing their EP titled 'Varsity' via Neon Gold Records. The duo, based out of New York City, consists of Zoe Anna and A.D.A.M.

Zoe is the vocalist for ASTR, leaving A.D.A.M. as the multi-instrumentalist and producer for the duo.

The two found that they shared a love for both music and art after meeting at a yoga class in Manhattan a few years back. Zoe and A.D.A.M. have been writing pieces together since then.

Their sound has been described as capturing sensations such as "winning big and cashing out, leaving behind life's responsibilities, wasting away on a tropical island, paradise lost". If that isn't enough to make you listen to the unique sounds of ASTR, we don't know what is! The duo is constantly spending time together, writing and working on new material - often five or six different pieces at a time.

They choose to be perfectionists to provide their best work for fans and listeners.

'Varsity' will be released on January 21st digitally and on a 10" limited edition pressed vinyl via Neon Gold Records. You are able to pre-order the vinyl and listen to ASTR's work on their Sound Cloud page,