New R. Kelly Song 'Happy Birthday' Surfaces Via DJ MoonDawg

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While promising that the strip clubs will be going crazy with this one, DJ MoonDawg releases a brand new R. Kelly track titled, "Happy Birthday."

The new song from Kelly embraces a new style of Hip-Hop rather than R&B. It is certainly geared towards the strip club music and has a heavy use of autotune throughout the entire track. It is a simple song with the chorus being the repetition of the the phrase "Happy Birthday."

This isn't something that we are use to from Kelly per say. It might be something well suited for 2 Chains and it certainly comes straight out of left field from Kelly.

That being said, this song is one you can expect your favorite rapper to hop on to remix it and bring it to radio glory.

By the way today happens to be Kelly's birthday so a release today is extremely fitting.

Listen to "Happy Birthday" By R. Kelly