Taylor Swift, Iggy Azelea 2014 VMA Opening Pre-Show

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At the opening for the 2014 Video Music Awards, MTV DJ Sway opened the show with the cast of "Teen Wolf" and showed a clip of Monday night's episode.

Lucy Hale, one of the stars of ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars and singer, is a special co-host.

Jason Derulo appeared as another special guest and encouraged the crowd to participate in a wave. Derulo has been nominated for two awards.

When Christina Garibaldi asked who Hale is excited to meet, she replied "Taylor Swift."

"I have always been a huge fan since the beginning," said Hale. "I think she's amazing."

Swift arrived on the red carpet wearing a letter-festooned blue romper. Another featured artist on the red carpet was Iggy Azaela, who wore a sparkling long gladiator-meets-Star Wars' R2D2 gown.

"I really wanted to pick something really chic," Azaela said of her dress and slicked black hair.

Miley Cyrus stepped out onto the carpet with a short, black cutout one piece and waved as fans chanted for her to twerk.

Cyrus teased to Hale and Sway that she would be doing special and exciting in her performance tonight.

"I am saving something special for the end of the night," she said. "I am not going to say it now."