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Whitney Museum of American Art's 2014 Biennial is Now Open

The Whitney Museum of American Art kicked off its 2014 Biennial exhibition yesterday in NYC.

This marks the last year that the Biennial will take place in the 945 Madison Avenue building, as the Whitney will be relocating to downtown Manhattan in spring 2015. This year's exhibition was curated by Stuart Comer of MoMA, Anthony Elms of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, and Michelle Grabner, an artist and professor at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. It features the talent of 103 artists and spans a whopping three floors, with work spilling out into the museum's lobby, sculpture court, and even the elevator. Together, these works set out to portray the American identity and what it means to live in United States today. They are an exploration of America's rich diversity--the clashing of various cultures and ideas--its radically shifting economic and political climate, as well as its often conflicting perceptions of notions like gender and sexuality. This is expressed through a broad range of mediums, from simple oil on canvas to sculpture, video, and sound installations. The result is overwhelming, to say the least.


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