The Flash Sizzle Reel Shows What's To Come In Final Season 3 Episodes

The Flash is racing to the finish line of its ongoing third season with only three episodes to go. Last week's episode featured the major reveal that we've been waiting for on the unveiling of the identity of Savitar and now a new sizzle reel has been released that teases those final three episodes.

As to be expected from any CW related promo like this, the sizzle reel is full of spoilers and anybody not looking to be spoiled going into the last few episodes of the season should not watch. For those that can't help themselves, this video is for you.

The sizzle reel features a lot of the aftermath of the conclusion of the last episode, which revealed that the villainous Savitar truly is the "Future Flash" and is some variation of Barry Allen. As Savitar explains in the trailer, who most certainly does not want to be referred to as Barry Allen anymore, he was created from all the loss he suffered. Due to this, he has to make sure he kills Iris or else he would have never been born in the first place.

We also see plenty of other crazy moments in the reel as well, including the return of Captain Cold somehow and even a tease of King Shark. However, that very well could be the only scene with King Shark we see. ARGUS gets involved as well, likely being a part of why we see King Shark, as we see Arrow's Lyla, the current head of ARGUS, show up here as well. Wally is not looking to be in too good of shape here and Killer Frost looks to be continuing her rampage, with what possibly looks like the Killer Frost vs. Vibe fight we've been teased by before.

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The sizzle reel itself can be viewed below and make sure to watch The Flash's final three episodes that kick off tomorrow night, May 9 with the episode titled "Cause and Effect."

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