The Usos vs. The New Day Rap Battle Was The Best Thing In WWE Lately

We can all agree that WWE is not as funny and entertaining as it used to be. However, this week's rap battle between The New Day and The Usos was the funniest thing I have seen from the WWE in a long time. It's a lot better than the boring scripted promos that we normally see.

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The thing that made this rap battle so entertaining was the fact that both tag-teams told the truth and broke the 4th wall. Realism in a feud usually creates the best storylines and helps the audience become more invested. Lately, fans have been kind of turned off with the storylines as it's often hard to cheer for "underdogs" such as Roman Reigns and John Cena. In real life, these two are the opposite of underdogs.

I got a little side-tracked there, but this rap battle was awesome because they told the truth. Big E started off strong by saying The Usos were nothing before The New Day became a team. The Usos a few years ago really were relegated to the pre-shows and dark matches. This was the first big blow.

The Usos however had the best line of the entire night. Many people may have seen it already as they referenced the sex tape that Xavier Woods was a part of. The Usos told Big E to keep it PG and don't become Rated R like Xavier Woods. The crowd pop for this line was insane.

The only weak part of this segment belonged to Kofi Kingston. Kingston's lines sounded scripted and was too PG for my taste. He didn't break the 4th wall and his jokes fell flat. Thankfully Xavier Woods ended the segment strong by saying The Usos were jobbers until they were on Total Divas thanks to Naomi. He ended the battle by saying they used to just carry bags for Roman Reigns!

Anyway, hopefully this is the type of stuff that WWE can produce more of in the future. Unscripted promos that are funny and/or realistic will make the TV shows more bearable to watch. I have to admit the feud between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar has also been decent. You can watch the full rap battle yourself below.

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