Howard Stern Bans Hanzi From the Stern Show

After yesterday's phone call during High Pitch Erik and Joey Boots' segment, it's no surprise that Howard Stern banned Hanzi from the SiriusXM radio show.

"Howard said he sees that Hanzi is on the phone but he's done with him. Howard said he's going to ban him from the show. Howard picked up on him and said he's sick of him," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said he just doesn't like him. Howard said he knows where he gets all of his bullshit from.

He said he loved that High Pitch Erik went off on him yesterday. Hanzi told Howard that they set that up.
Howard said he's going to say goodbye to him now. He said that he's going to say goodbye forever."

Yesterday, Hanzi called in during the a segment featuring High Pitch Erik and Joey Boots. An argument ensued and Hanzi brought up Stern's wife Beth in a pretty obscene manner.

Hanzi blamed what happened on Stern for always messing with him. Stern and Hanzi got into it and Stern repeatedly told Hanzi goodbye.

"Hanzi asked why he's such a psycho. Howard said he is a p***y. He asked why he calls if he is. Howard said he got out of his parents basement but Hanzi hasn't," according to MF.

"Hanzi said Howard sold his soul. He said he's also a Zionist. Howard said he can go start a podcast. Howard said goodbye one more time and hung up."

Stern told his listeners that it was a lesson for others out there. He can ban anyone at anytime and now Hanzi won't be calling in again.

Meanwhile Hanzi has taken to Twitter to address the situation in a manner that doesn't quite support the show. You can check out some of his tweets below.