The Flash: Savitar's Identity Reveal Will Be The Most Shocking Yet Tease Cast And Crew Members

Cast and crew members of The Flash are hyping up Savitar's identity reveal to be the most surprising and shocking one yet. This is a tough act to follow since the identities of Reverse-Flash and Zoom were also pretty surprising and shocking in the previous two seasons.

As The Flash fans already know, Savitar is the big bad guy this season yet nobody knows who he is. Fans have many theories on to who it might be, but the characters themselves have yet to pinpoint the identity of this mysterious speedster.

Executive producer of The Flash, Todd Helbing, was recently interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter and he is teasing that Savitar's identity reveal will be the most surprising one to date. He hints that none of the characters will see it coming. You can read his comments below.

Normally we have shown the identity of the villains a lot earlier in the season. There's a specific reason why we waited for this reveal until now. Nobody's going to see this coming. Harrison Wells [Tom Cavanagh] in season one and Jay [Teddy Sears] in season two were satisfying reveals, but this one takes the cake.

Grant Gustin (Barry Allen/The Flash) also weighed in and said it will be a "very different and jarring kind of reveal". He also said it will create problems with the team once they know the identity of Savitar. Candice Patton (Iris West) says that this reveal will rival the one seen in Season 1 when Reverse Flash was uncovered. She just says that people will be shocked and very surprised.

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Judging by their comments, I think I can tell who might by the identity of Savitar now. I won't tell you who my guess is, but I'm hoping I'm right. We should know the identity very soon as Season 3 ends in just a few more weeks.

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